About Us

At AMB German Law Consulting, LLC, our mission is to provide high-quality assistance in dealing with German legal issues and the German legal system including its interaction with the Anglo-American legal system of the United States. With extensive experience in both legal fields, we are uniquely qualified to provide:

  • Accurate translations of legal documents.
  • Competent interpretation at depositions and other legal proceedings.
  • Assistance, advice, and guidance regarding German legal questions and issues.
The key to an effective and desirable resolution of a matter is information. This includes a complete understanding of the documents involved, communication with other parties in a common language, as well as cultural evaluations, meaning the understanding of cultural context in various situations. At AMB German Law Consulting, LLC, we are able to inform and educate our clients to that effect.

Angelika M. Bush, Rechtsassessorin and CP - Angelika M. Bush attended law school at Eberhard-Karls-Universität of Tübingen, Germany, and graduated with a J. D. equivalent, the Erstes Juristisches Staatsexamen. Subsequently, she obtained a L.L.M. equivalent, the Zweites Juristisches Staatsexamen, from the State of Baden-Württemberg, when she completed the judge trainee program in Ravensburg, Germany.

Before moving to the United States, she worked with the United States Army Staff Judge Advocate (JAG) Office in Augsburg, Germany, and practiced law in a private German law firm. In the United States, she graduated from Denver Paralegal Institute and subsequently attained her designation as Certified Legal Assistant while working for a law firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with emphasis on estate planning and probate. Ms. Bush's experience brings with it an unprecedented understanding of both German and United States legal terminology.

Ms. Bush is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters (CAPI), National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), and Pikes Peak Paralegals (PPP).

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