Firm Overview

We are a Colorado based consulting firm. AMB German Law Consulting, LLC, is owned by Angelika M. Bush, a German jurist and American Certified Paralegal.

Ms. Bush founded AMB German Law Consulting, LLC, to help with the rising demand that comes with increased globalization and intensified business contact between Germany and the United States. She has years of legal experience in both countries and is part of an extensive network of German attorneys who can assist you as German local counsel.

Besides translation and interpretation services in general, AMB German Law Consulting, LLC, specializes in the translation of legal documents and interpretation during legal proceedings. Among others, we are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Translation of documents from English into German and from German into English
  • Interpretation during meetings, conferences, and court proceedings
  • Explanation of German legal documents and German legal proceedings
  • Obtain German legal documents
  • Obtain certification for German pleadings to be submitted in US court proceedings
  • Act as liaison or intermediary with German authorities, attorneys, and courts
  • Provide referrals to German attorneys
  • Conduct preliminary research on German legal issues
  • Assistance with all aspects of estate administration in Germany
  • Assistance with immigration proceedings involving Germans

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